Everyday Windows

“Who cares,” said the young woman who rarely spoke during group sessions. “Heidi, why do you say that? You don’t care?” the counselor sat back, waiting for her to respond.  “I don’t, but I guess hearing you talk about it as if it’s so important inspired me,” her raspy voice barely audible to the people … Continue reading Everyday Windows


               “It’s been 500 years since the pandemic started. I mean, not really 500 years, but might as well. I’m lucky, my landlord is an old lady that will not charge me for the next 6 months,” for a moment, John’s face appeared to glow. The model felt uneasy, but she brushed off the passing … Continue reading Parasites

Pursuit of Honor

              The medieval kingdom of Yuisa stood above a river of molten lava on a lush mesa. The area was rich in precious metals and a unique material they called hatuye. The exact location was never revealed, but stories abound.               According to legend, the word hatuye derives from the language of an advanced culture … Continue reading Pursuit of Honor

Some Kind of Light

“Trust me, you won’t die from touching the darkness, but if you reach out for the light, you might get burned to death,” a quote scribbled in a notebook on Julio’s desk next to a bag of mushrooms. “I’m awake,” he didn’t put much effort into speaking loud enough for his roommate to hear him. … Continue reading Some Kind of Light