The Garden of Thoughts

The first rays of sunshine poked through the crystallized gunk covering his eyes. He woke up and quickly began to tend his garden of thoughts. His roommates stumbled awake, a bit startled by the break in the morning routine. Marcos danced slowly, making waves with his hands and smiling without having a real reason for … Continue reading The Garden of Thoughts

Other Side of the Rainbow

A rainbow awaited each contestant at the end of the hallway. The holographic show of colors mesmerized even the most desensitized knight – a cruel trick so close to the end. The clink and clank of the armor echoed in the cavernous maze of hallways. Hidden eyes followed James as he struggled to run in … Continue reading Other Side of the Rainbow


“A room,” said a bulky man with a five-o-clock shadow. “It’s a room?” Jose replied from across the commuter train table. “A room, just a room,” the man responded dragging the word “room” like he was trying to make them sound like far away waves. “I don’t get it,” Jose knew this man; he sat … Continue reading Ossuary

21 Century Man

It started as a headache. His eyes burned like a flash of light, stunned him. He struggled to remember where he was and what he was doing at that moment. He could only see bright white light with dark blue around the edges. He forced his eyes closed, lifting his cheeks and his glasses. He … Continue reading 21 Century Man

Brick by Brick

“I’ve never seen a house like this one,” a woman in a pink jacket said, letting out puffs of warm breath on the cold cloudy day. “I built it, brick by brick, as they say,” said a tall slender man opening the front door. The house’s unique style never settled well with the neighbors. The … Continue reading Brick by Brick