Primum Ash

Cars littered every road leading up to Ash. It’s a miracle this desolate place became a town at all. If you didn’t come prepared with an extra couple of gallons of gas, you’d end up litter on those roads too. John didn’t know about this place before he found it on a 1950’s map. He … Continue reading Primum Ash

Somewhere New

Gabriel cried at the bottom of the front stairs leading up to his grandmother’s house. His sweat mixed with his tears, and he licked it from his upper lip with a bit of clear bugger. “Hey, you, let’s go,” the figure emerged from behind an old pick-up truck parked on the side of the street. … Continue reading Somewhere New

Other Side of the Rainbow

A rainbow awaited each contestant at the end of the hallway. The holographic show of colors mesmerized even the most desensitized knight – a cruel trick so close to the end. The clink and clank of the armor echoed in the cavernous maze of hallways. Hidden eyes followed James as he struggled to run in … Continue reading Other Side of the Rainbow


“A room,” said a bulky man with a five-o-clock shadow. “It’s a room?” Jose replied from across the commuter train table. “A room, just a room,” the man responded dragging the word “room” like he was trying to make them sound like far away waves. “I don’t get it,” Jose knew this man; he sat … Continue reading Ossuary

The Toymaker’s Curse

If you walk down Central Street and veer towards the left, you’ll see a small, unassuming shop at the end of an alley. The old cobblestone street is lined with derelict storefronts that the city pretends are just vintage by designating them “historic” with a shiny plaque. You can’t tell the store is a toyshop, … Continue reading The Toymaker’s Curse